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3-Point Lighted Design

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Shaded Design

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Design Project

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Here is my design project based off of this image:







Hey here is my mp3

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WordPress said that any of the files I uploaded weren’t secure so I just put up a link to the download.

Planar, Revolve, Extrude, Loft

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For some reason I’ve noticed that my blog is always dated as the day after I originally posted it. Anyway here’s my work.





I’m not sure what happened here, but it turned out interesting so I kept it.


Again, not sure what happened, but I liked it.

Digital painting

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Sky Sphere

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I found this city on

Blog 5

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Well I just remembered I can look on your blog for details on the final and learned that I luckily mamaged to upload before the due time. Yay! Bad news is I can’t upload to the temp folder as I am no longer in Austin. Please let me know what I can do to allieviate this matter?

Blog 4

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I woke up at 6AM this moring to drive to Austin. Before that though, I decided to try the Pirate Bay one last time and was fortunate enough to “aquire” what I needed, within 5 hours of downloading. At around noon I was FINALLY able to begin working again on my project. I have spent the entire day drawing my characters frame-by-frame upon their guide layers, but unfortunately had to scrap the third scene for time constraints. I also, to my dislike, scrapped the idea of lip synching and so none of the characters were drawn with mouths. After fiddiling with After Effects and getting it to work, I worked on making a moving background with greenscreen. After that failed I just turned down the opacity on my solid layer so that you see a youtube clip playing in the background. I also couldn’t make any special effects for when Dora summons her map and monkey to fight as the particle systems which I wanted to use seemed to overwrite my .SWF movie. In the end I am left with an incomplete project that I’m pretty sure is late anyway but I figure I’ll take what I can get. If anything I’ve learned that summer school is very hard.